Saturday, January 14, 2012

TFA winners

Anjum Hasan, Vivek Narayanan and I were the judges for the English entries in this year's (I think I mean last year's) TFA Creative Writing Awards.

The results are up here. Congratulations to Ramneek Singh and Joshua Muyiwa. I'm happy to finally put names to the entries.

There were Special Mentions, but they're not on the blog; if any of you were at the awards ceremony, can you fill me on on who those were?

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Swar Thounaojam said...

I seriously don't understand this:“With stagecraft more frequently taking on the techniques of cinema, it was not surprising that the judges thought this read more like a film script than a play; this is not a bad thing and perhaps even indicates a new direction in writing for the theatre that answers a demand for something beyond the proscenium stage.” First, ss a director, I can do plays with cinematic timings/techniques for the proscenium. It can be quite exciting. The play I am directing is also written more like a film script. So my question to the playwright has always been: Is this technique on purpose or is it something that happened because the playwright is still trying to figure out his dramatic impulse and unknowingly worked in cinematic techniques/timings. Second, as a playwright myself, I have often observed that tyro playwrights who haven't understood/figured out dramatic timings/impulses properly on his/her own terms tend to write film type script. I myself did that with Turel and it didn't happen on purpose. It happened because even though I was theatre-aware, I didn't yet possess a strong dramatic impulse for theatrical techniques and timings. Sunil Shanbag pointed that out to me and it took me a few years to figure out my dramatic impulse.