Sunday, March 04, 2012

In which Yoko Ono is silent with Manjula Padmanabhan

Given five minutes with Yoko Ono, Manjula Padmanabhan tries to think what she could possibly do with the time. 

"I’d have to try something unique, I thought. Something that would reflect the singularity of this diminutive Japanese woman, this maverick bohemienne with the chequered past who captured the heart of rock ’n’ roll’s god-king only to lose him to the toxicity of fame."

Manjula gets her question time. And a bonus. Lucky Manjula.

[via Nilanjana Roy]


km said...

Zazen with Yoko. That has got to be a unique but harrowing experience. How does one sit in silence with Yoko freaking Ono?

JP said...

That's pretty damned magical!

Anonymous said...


what would you have done if you had five minutes with yoko ono, spacebar?

Space Bar said...

km: Indeed, how? But what a fantastic idea, no?

jp: I know! I was in a tizzy for a long while thinking about it.

anon: I have *no* idea. Probably gibbered?