Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sex marks the spot

From Nisha Susan's story, 'The Women Who Forgot to Invent Facebook' in Out of Print:

What we need is a website, said Lavanya.

For what, I asked.

For the sex map. Imagine how useful this would be if it was online?

How would it work, I wanted to know.

We would all sign up.

Who is we?

Everyone, said Lavanya.

Why would they?

It would be useful. When you met someone new you could go look them up and find out if they were lying about being single. You could find previous girlfriends and see whether he had good taste or bad taste.

No one would sign up, I said. What a lot of work for nothing. What would all the liars or cheaters do? Have a red light against their name?

Yeah, maybe you're right, said Lavanya. Why would everyone sign up?


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