Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Some days start out better than you expect; and when your expectations are remarkably low, it doesn't take much to make the day better: some clouds, a good hour of yoga with the body acting like it means to keep going for a while longer without much external help.

And then shit happens. What it is is irrelevant.

And then the day is shot to hell and you remember why you planned not to get up at all and just let it all blow over.

(And it gets so you can't even think in anything but cliches, which is just another - don't say it! don't say it! - nail. No, okay, won't say it.)

So. Aaaargh!
Cute photos of kittens welcome. Also chocolate. Train tickets would be even better. Or phone calls.



This is not the post I'd imagined in my head. Sorry about that.


Banno said...

Oh, so sorry, for whatever it is. Wish I had some chocolate or kittens to virtually transport to you, but I can make the phone call. :)

SUR NOTES said...

Well, glad i did not read this post yesterday. I left home at 7:45 am and reached my destination- marine lines- at 12:00pm. I can call but I might weep very loudly. Shall look for kittens- no wait, will go back to the image of the wet cat who came home in the rain many moons ago - ah, now i can feel a grin forming. Shall call,i without wailing!

Space Bar said...

Thank you thank you - you guys are the best! Things are better now.

Banno: Yes, we should talk soon. I missed you in Bombay so there's a call due anyway!

Sur: :D I was thinking of that just a few days ago and how I even remembered where your house was and what I'd have done if I hadn't found it that night! Rains in Bombay, huh? Best to stay at home.

Anil P said...

Cliches actually save the day, if not the soul. Or maybe it's the other way around.