Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Dylan's last (definitely maybe)

Due on Sept. 11 (Oh, that date) what may be his final album, Tempest.

Don't you love the characteristic modesty with which he compares himself to Shakespeare?

And Prospero.

This is Dylan saying, This rough magic I here abjure.

This is Dylan saying, I'm not here.

Can't wait. Waiting.


km said...

You are hereby ordered to watch this epic parody of Dylan's new (14-minute) song about the Titanic.

I am also curious about that Lennon homage. At 7-1/2 minutes, he must have something really interesting to say. (Though why he chose to write about Lennon in 2012, I don't know.)

Space Bar said...

km: how could you? (owe you a mail about something else.)