Monday, August 13, 2012

I thought about Lucia and there she was

This happened a few days ago. I was driving along a surprisingly empty flyover and something about the streets made me think of Humberto Solas' 1968 film, Lucia

I was thinking of how young he was when he made it - only 25!* - and inevitably, of how useless I was** and idly wondered when I'd ever get to see these films again. I've never heard of a Cuban films retro in recent times, and I was making a list in my head of films I'd like to see again: Memories of Underdevelopment, Strawberries and Chocolate, The Adventures of Juan Quin Quin, The First Charge of the Machete.

But top of the frugal list I could reconstruct was Lucia, followed by Memories of Underdevelopment, and Juan Quin Quin (which was a lot of fun and subversive as heck).

Minutes later, and in an indication that the universe was arranging itself according to my fairly inexacting wishes, I found Lucia in the library. Brand new DVD, no one had borrowed it and it was all for me! me! only me!

So for all the moaning and deep blue posts of the last few days, I have to admit that I am tending towards the ecstatic.

That's all, folks.

(Will put up, at some point, my impressions of the film, which I'm watching after 18 years).


*Wikipedia says he was 27. Oh well. 25 sounds more impressive, no?

**Though, if you consider that my life's ambition is to be deeply committed to doing nothing, no one can accuse me of failing at that.

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SUR NOTES said...

shall mail you lucia in two days! promise. mail me your address.

will make a little packet and send. and handwrite a letter too - maybe.