Thursday, November 08, 2012

Mother Mary with prayer flags

Because I'm chronically lazy and have not kept my promises to blogblogblog and feel guilty as heck, here's a picture of Mother Mary for you.

Yes, those are prayer flags.

Sikkim - Gangtok - was enormous fun. I was visiting after nearly 30 years and it was the kid's first brush with something approaching cold (though actually it was very sunny and only mildly chilly in the evenings). We walked, gathered stones (lots of shiny mica), grabbed nettles, ate momos, took photos, visited monasteries, kept intending to buy thangkas, sat outside a hotel and watched a wedding reception in progress, kept count one night as wedding guests danced right above our heads.

And so on. Oh, and we went to Kalimpong by the most breathtaking road off the main highway.

And we bought cheese.

The whole trip was brilliant from start to finish.


Banno said...

Oh what a coincidence. Dhanno just got back from Yuksom and Sikkim. Study tour. She didn't take photos, can you believe that?

Space Bar said...

Banno: Oh no! I wish I'd known! We could have met up somewhere.

km said...

Mucho envy. Always wanted to visit that part of India.

So are the monasteries in Sikkim influenced by the Tibetans?

Space Bar said...

km: yes! In fact, there's an Insitute of Tibetology, which is pretty cool. Their book office was shut on the day we went, though.

pi-pu-xi-xu said...

That Institute of Tibetology makes a passing appearance in Feluda's Gangtoke Goendagiri. When we went to Kalimpong and Gangtok after my tenth boards, my cousin and I kept trying to spot places that Ray had mentioned. :)

And yes, picture is pwetty. :)

Space Bar said...

pipuxixu: Yes! My son kept pointing out landmarks to me and saying, 'Amma, don't you *remember*?!'

It was fun.