Friday, November 02, 2012

November's Poem(s) of the Week on TheThe

I've been away for a long, long time, haven't I? But I'm back and not in the least sorry because I have! photos!

Also, this month I have selected the Poems of the Week that appear on The The and first up is Aditi Machado's poem 'How A Thing Turns Wretched'.

Go read.


Aayushi Mehta said...

Found your blog while searching for the Srinivas Rayaprol 2012 results. Well, didn't find anything about the results, but this blog was definitely a great find :D

Space Bar said...

My bad! I should have posted the results but I was travelling. Will do in the next post.

Anonymous said...

No announcement? :( Haven't they sent out an official email like every year?

Space Bar said...

Ayushi, Anon: Apologies.

There'll be a separate post at some point, but for the two of you, for now, here's a part of the message from the Rayaprol Trust about the 2012 prize winner:

"Twenty-six year old Tushar Jain has been declared the winner of the Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize for 2012.

"Tushar Jain is a Delhi-based writer. After pursuing his Masters in English and Economics, he chose the uncertain and unpredictable pursuit of a career in the civil services and has been ‘boiling his head’ over in the same. Poetry and writing remain his passion. Publishing since he was 16, his work has appeared in small-press magazines like Black Petals to literary journals like Hastakshar. Currently, he is working on a novel and a play."