Thursday, October 03, 2013


I'm still wondering whether to do this big blow out breakfast everyone else is doing this morning or not. In a while, we do the bayou tour and we'll be out all day. When we return, I have an hour before a final reading in NO. Not much time to think of food, then.

There's another article to write by Friday, a lecture to prep for and so on. I'm not even sure I am going to even join the big party this evening and still be able to function on Friday.

Things happen anyway. There's this article I wrote before I left for Iowa and it's finally online. It's me watching films, basically and Himal gave me a lot of rope.

I'll see you guys on the other side of New Orleans. Be good because I'm not sure I can be.


George Bishop, Jr. said...

Sridala, are you in New Orleans? I live here. We used to be neighbors in Banjara Hills. I'm the teacher/writer, George Bishop.

George Bishop, Jr. said...

I think I'm leaving multiple comments, but I'm not sure. Here's my contact info:
(504) 272-0970

Space Bar said...

George: I know! Of course I remember you! And it's terrible that I'ms eeing this now, after returning to Iowa. :-(

It would have been good to meet. Loved N.O and missing it already.

Banno said...

Strange that you put this up, when I have just posted 'growing up with the movies'. :) You are of course so much more articulate.