Saturday, October 05, 2013

Later, Gator

I turned my back on being a vegetarian for the four days I was in New Orleans. Basically, this  meant I had shrimp once and oyster twice. The thought of alligator meat, however chicken-like it's rumoured to be, still turns my stomach. I guess I am not a true meat-eater. Huh.


The turn-off into the Barataria Swamp Tour has a sign that says 'PARK & PRESERVE'. I assumed these words were verbs and was rather puzzled by them until I realised that they were being used as nouns. Then it made sense. Or not.


This is a photo post. The words will come later.

I. Another Pichavaram

Pichavaram in another country

Spanish Moss

Eerie Ent

II. Louisiana Story: Oil



III. And Gators (In Captivity & Otherwise)


and then there were four
Marshmallow Gator King

IV. Baby Gator 


I'm travelling again Monday, so more silence is expected from this blog. But soon there will be time, there will be time.

Or so I keep telling myself.


??! said...

I'd love to say "As long as you're back, a little silence is ok", but I dare not chide others for not blogging. Yet.

km said...

Close-up pictures of baby gators? Must you? Really?

Space Bar said...

??!: Don't worry - I won't go that silent either!

km: what - now all reptiles are unacceptable? It was such a cute baby gator. So dry also. Not creepy at all, not slimy or anything.

??! said...

km: So ... you've never watched Jurassic Park huh? Or Crocodile Dundee. Or Lake Placid. Or Snakes on a Plane. Or Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Or Shaan. Or Peter Pan!