Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Poems up at Poetry at Sangam

Yesterday there was hail. Huge, fist-sized chunks being chucked rather than bowled. It was fun to watch, but at the back of our minds we knew the electricity would go.

We were right, but only partially. It hailed yesterday at 5pm. It's now 9am the following day, but there's still no electricty in two phases. All the other other monsoon-like troubles we have year after year have manifested themselves as unseasonably as the rain: overflowing sewage, flooded roads, backed up traffic, a vertain hydrophobia, of water, whether of the drinking or of the falling kind.

Luckily, we didn't need to brave the traffic. They're finally laying the road in this corner, after years and years of badgering them (the suspicion that our complaints had nothing to do with this sudden interest in our welfare). They're laying a cement road, instead of a tar one. At 3am one night, having failed to inform us when they were planning to begin, they put steel girders across our gate. Since then, we can move around if we walk to where we need to go. Public transport, needless to say, is a distant dream in this part of town.

So I walked to post letters and get some medicines. It would have been heartening to see that other corners of this city suffer from overflowing sewage, if I didn't have to wade through it instead of being allowed to gloat in peace.

Anyway. Those are some of the reasons why this blog is suffering from frequent neglect.

That's also why I forgot to say that I had some poems up at Poetry at Sangam. Some new, a couple old ones. Oh, link.

It has begun to drizzle again and I can feel the tension take the back of my neck. I just want that time back when rain was nothing but unalloyed pleasure.

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