Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pond of Slough of Despond

Don't ask.

Wherefore, I remembered this silly song from college days, but the version I know goes

Nobody loves me
Everybody HATES me
I'm going to eat some wo-er-erms.

Long thin wriggly worms
iggly squiggly wiggly worms
I'm going to eat some wo-er-erms.

First you bite their heads off
Then you suck the juice in
Then you throw their skins away.

(in small, mournful voice, as with someone who might be sitting on the floor, feet stretched out and rocking back and forth in deep sorrow)

NObody loves me
everybody hates me
I'm going to eat some wo-er-erms.

And then, since there's a post on Robert Graves coming up, I found this no, I didn't dammit! Today is clearly a day for strikethroughs and despond, despair and gnashing of teeth.


(Note to myself: save URLs such as the one that got away).


Monica said...

Song grin. At least I unblued. The pigeons all flew away with woerms in their beaks.

Space Bar said...

oh goody! pigoens have their uses after all! :D

and ludwig, are you listening, I have OZYTOTS: little brats in ozzy osbourne's image, poor little mosters.