Monday, March 31, 2008

Word of the Day


A word that nearly achieves symmetry had not something invisible inserted itself in the middle producing subtle distortions. Working inward from the two 'm's at the ends, the 'aw' and the 'uh'; the soft 'l' and 'n'; the 'ih' for the 'eh' and finally, the face off between the 'b' and the 'd', belly to belly.

Moly. Belly. Abdomen. Denum.


km said...

Oh I love "molybdenum". It sounds so heavy. The "y-b-d" combination is unique.

//I had a Bengali chemistry teacher who made it sound even more beautiful.

Falstaff said...

Yes, it is a lovely word, isn't it? I love the word it starts by trying to mollify you, then hardens its stance half way through and comes out all rugged at the end.

dipali said...


Space Bar said...

km: there's a post in there, i just know it, about bengali chemistry teachers.

falstaff: gorgeous word, isn't it? it's kept me occupied for two days now.

dipali: indeed it is!

Suchi said...

:) I like the silly "um" that makes it less snobbish than it started out to be.

Also, my word verification word of the moment is "orbrevy". What a pity the word doesn't exist!

swar said...

I hate to be prosaic here but molybdenum - especially the kissing bellies bd - brings to me memory of my history (yes, history. not chemistry) teacher in high school whose dirty white bra straps never took cover under her blouse.

Space Bar said...

suchi: 'moly' is not snobbish! it sounds like pudding or a cute mallu.

and when you deal in imaginary numbers all the time, how can you let non-existent words stop you?!

swar: :D now that was a graphic image. molybdenum will never be the same again.

??! said...

But the table is full of words like that. And they're better if you go by the classical terms of the common words.

Like Stannum.

Space Bar said...

??!: Stannum et Phosphorus, huh?