Wednesday, October 22, 2008


is off!

None of the live feeds people are linking to actually work. DD News it was. The launch went off well, though seconds later nothing was visible because of cloudy skies. All appears to be well but let's see.


km said...

Yes, but ISRO's live-link page was a real hoot. It had a JPG file of a rocket. IF you stared at it long enough, you could experience zero gravity.

There was a live stream from ISRO though. I couldn't get DD to run on my machine, so I was watching it on NDTV.

Lots of goosebumpy moments.

Lekhni said...

Yes, ISRO did have a live stream, but NDTV's was far better.

I just finished reading the interview with Mylswamy Annadurai. Nice guy, inspiring life story, but er, well, he makes me laugh.

blackmamba said...

The NASA live streaming worked fine except for those random asian pop videos showing up a couple of times to interrupt the programming. oh, all the mallu goodness, as km mentioned.

km said...

Wait - NASA's live-stream had ASIAN POP videos?

Think I just ruined my keyboard and wasted my afternoon chai.

Space Bar said...

Yes, this asian pop videos thing is too much. (km, get a fluid-proof keyboard).

lekhni: thanks for the link. Off to check now.

??! said...

How many keyboards do you go through, dude? You're always spilling something into them.

And pop videos? Wtf?