Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ta Pyme A Pout

Sopo apa fapew dapays bapack mapie sapun apasks mapee ipif Apie capan spapeak ipin papee lapangwapedge.

Apie thipink fopor apa mipinapit apand, lapike Apern Gupoon, lupoosepen mapie tapungue. Apand Apie fapind thapat Apie capan spapeak flupuepent papee lapangwapedge. Lapike sapo.

Ipeevepen theper mopost capunfapuesaping, mupultapisapyllabic wapords dopo nopot dipiscopourapage mepee.

Apie fepeel Apie opought tpoo bepee copongrgapatupoolapataped.

Thapat's apall, Fopolks!


Falstaff said...

sappy whapat?

??! said...

Whopopa! Wapay topo gopo, lapady.

Sagarone said...

So you have decided to speak in tongues, eh?

Space Bar said...

falsie: you mean you never did p language?!

??!: oh well. i actually found i can speak it better than i can write it!

sagaone: or at least write in them...or something.

km said...

Ah, P language. (And here are the lyrics to a song in Pig Latin)

It's a child's way of coping with the terror of Language and Conditioning. (I have no idea what that means but it sounds like Chomsky would say that.)

Lekhni said...

Thapat ipis teperripifipic! I dipidnt knopow youpoo knewpoo sopo mapanypy lapanguapegepes.

Wipill youpoo wripitepe popoepems ipin thipis lapanguapegepe topooo? Pipleapise? :)

dipali said...