Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Hindu Metro Plus Theatre Festival 2008

Starts tomorrow with 'a supper theatre performance for an invited audience at the Taj Deccan followed by four plays by groups from various parts of the country'.

The report says:

The response to the inaugural edition of the MetroPlus Theatre Fest last year went beyond our expectations. It was heart-warming to discover such an enthusiastic, appreciative, and generous audience, which gave the performances a string of standing ovations.

Many of those who attended those plays urged us to ensure that the Hyderabad Fest was not a one-off affair. Well, we are pleased to announce we are back.

Now, I don't know. Hyderabad, having so little theatre, will applaud anything. But I must admit that Hyderabadis are generous - it would account for why they sit through some terrible performances (with highly priced tickets) without one boo or hiss.

I intend to watch at least QTP's production of The President Is Coming (Anuvab Pal's play) and Evam's closing play but let's see. Things have a way of ganging agley the minute I talk about them.


swar said...

We still love this supper theatre business, no?

Pal's was a hit in Bombay. Evam has become a MetroPlus staple, no? Heard Neelam Mansingh C's work is good.

There is a very reputable critic in India who just hates this Hindu festival. He doesn't like the motives behind it :)

Anindita said...

Bangaloreans are also very generous. We give standing ovations so regularly, especially to performers from outside the city, that I wonder if they mean anything anymore.

And also, saw Mansingh's The Suit at the RS festival last year and liked it very much. See it if you can.

Space Bar said...

swar: truly we do. maybe i should ditch the closing play and watch the suit, no?

and mail me! i want to know who you're talking about!

anindita: if both of you say it's good, i need to realign my week. let's see.

aRfi said...

... Hyderabad, having so little theatre, will applaud anything.

Second that.

I remember going for Evam's last play a few months ago, The Odd Couple, I think it was called. Wasn't too impressed but guess anything will do when there is not much happening.

stumbled in

Space Bar said...

arfi: hello. actually, i haven't been very impressed with any theatre i've seen in the last couple of years, but that's probably just me.