Friday, August 14, 2009

Spaniard Takes A Vow

Because I promised a tadpole this post

I watched half a million people on Facebook do this 50 questions quiz - which includes prize gems such as When Did You Wake Up and What Time Did You Complete This Quiz (as if everyone just wakes up and starts doing FB quizzes; and as if this is supposed to say something about you*).

Though I tried to keep my lip curled, it began to hurt and then I decided to just get it over with. Somewhere in some ledger, you will find it under the head of Oh, What The Heck!

I don't know when I began to get snarky, but no doubt all the people I tagged will be able to tell you ( I still retained some sense and tagged only those who had already tagged me).

But this qs. #40 is what I'm talking about. It asked:

Do anything spontaneous lately?

I admit I had to think hard and this made me even more bad-tempered because it soon became clear that a) I hadn't done anything spontaneous, not really and b) the only example I could dredge up sucked so badly that it was time I took a vow.

It turned out that the last 'spontaneous' thing I'd done was to think I'd surprise my son by picking him up from school, but since he didn't know I was coming, he sat in the bus as usual (while I was chatting with someone) and left without me.

So much for kids making you want to be young again.

And before anyone says anything, of course it's the kid's fault. The alternative would be to admit that there's no point in doing anything spontaneous. And that wouldn't do at all, would it?


This pointless (and not entirely spontaneous) post is also to say that this blog will largely specialise in announcements for a while now.

Coming up: announcements about more workshops. Why they're called that I don't know, but whatever.

*Come to think of it, if they did it would say a lot about them.


theinsider said...

Space Bar Aunty: Another gap in my education - what is Facebook? I am so worried that at this rate, I will never learn anything until I get out.

Kids make you want to be young again? Aunty, don't be silly. Everytime I encounter a kid, I want to grow old so that I can beat it up and put it in its place. Why would you ever want to be young again?


ps: I am slightly bigger than a pollywiggle now. But I envy them all the same. From what I understand, they don't have to float around in yucky amniotic fluid.

Banno said...

:-) to both your post and theinsider's comment.

The last spontaneous thing I did was to answer that FB quiz. Normally, I just delete, delete, delete.

km said...

So *this* is how abandonment fears begin :)

km said...

I meant abandonment by one's parent.

Space Bar said...

kid: get the monster to sign up. then you'll know.

banno: spontaneity is overrated, no?

km: it actually begins much earlier but don't get me started.