Monday, August 31, 2009

Wishlist: Item #2

I can't decide whether I am an extremely content person or an extremely discontent one. It's been two years since my first and only Wishlist post. This must mean that I have wanted nothing urgently enough since (Tony Leung doesn't count) or that most things are so terrible y shouldn't actually exist at all.

Wishlist item 2, of course, is a necessity and an urgent one at that. I need bookshelves.

Recent acquisitions include:

1. Large number of Puffins dating from 1968-72. Lovely books they are, too. One Farjeon from way back when. More YA books from decades ago. These are cast offs I was happy to house.

2. More castoffs, this time books I'd once given away coming home to roost (I'd offered to donate them to some library but now they're sitting on my floor).

3. Loot from Amit's reading. Hachette gifted me reprints of Buchan, Haggard, Sapper, Wallace, Grey - all very exciting. Also Alex Rutherford.

This is not counting the books I take out and am too intimidated to put back. Every time I take out a book, the shelves seem to sigh with relief and wiggle around in the extra space. So the taken-out ones stay on the floor, or by my table, or on the bed.

I need more bookshelves! Basic, one-book-deep, many shelves high ones.


SS said...

So how did it go, SB? The conversation? Was expecting you'd blog about it.

Aishwarya said...

More details of Puffins and other YA, please?

Space Bar said...

SS: Not as badly as I feared when I heard it was going to be the Secunderabad Odyssey - about 30 people turned up (six or seven of them press, who left as soon as the photos were taken).

Amit read from the beginning, we talked about the book, writing etc., he read some more and then there were audience questions.

There was no weirdness to report!

Aishwarya: detailed post on loot.