Friday, August 07, 2009

Wilderness Tips: 2

When the potholes upstream grow large enough to contain water from the sewage that flows a good 100 yards away downstream but which sewage has been brought back on the wheels of the million trucks that pass; when the millionth-and-one truck arrives at half past three in the morning and takes an hour and a half to offload granite blocks; when said truck gets stuck and roars like a trapped and wounded animal... when you buy yourself earmuffs, noseplugs and cocoon for nights and wellies (even in a failed monsoon) for the days.

It has often occurred to me in the last couple of weeks, that someone should invite Herzog to come and make a film on our neighbour building the mountain. The project has the right mix of lunacy, obsession and futility that would appeal to the man.

Wilderness Tips Part 1.


kbpm said...

hmm. or, you could take a trip somewhere.

(my WV suggests a French sounding CarShede)

Space Bar said...

kenny: I'm actually considering finding out where the mountain man lives and caterwauling outside his window or something.

And I could use a functional Ye Olde Car Shede. Blowing the dust off the top of my car makes me light-headed.

Banno said...

Maybe Herzog could come and hypnotize the mountain man, and persuade him to move the mountain somewhere else.

maybe earmuffs and wellies are an easier option.

Space Bar said...

banno: what a brilliant idea! i need to search for herzog's email immediately.

Cheshire Cat said...

Or write a book, somewhat like this one

km said...

Give your neighbor some artistic room, will ya? Maybe he IS shooting Fitzcarraldo, Part Deux.

Besides, a little noise and dust pollution didn't kill no one.

??! said...

That mountain's still on? Either that guy has way too much patience, or this is some scam being run by his money-swindling accountant.

Space Bar said...

cat: if it's been done, can i just read it instead?

km: it's my belief he's planning to build a house on top of that. one day he'll live in it and be kind of all he surveys: open sewage, broken ply from sets, generator vans, and the corpses of stay dogs.

??!: ya, man. i should put recent photos. so that if an earthquake ever happens and all this crumbles, there's proof.