Sunday, June 20, 2010

Help! Shooting in video mode on the Nikon D90

Someone else had the same problem I am having:
Audio recorded in video mode on the D90 will be out of sync with the picture when played on a pc. Plays fine on the camera. Any ideas on how to create a video that can be shared on pcs with the video IN sync?

Anyone have any ideas/solutions?

Please help!


km said...

No idea, but here's what google turns up:


DP review

And this Mac Forum which seems to have resolved the problem for a user


Space Bar said...

thanks km~! as it happens, i've read the dp one (not very useful); the mac thing is irrelevant for me. will try to figure it out. teething troubles!

km said...

Actually, the Mac forum answer applies even to a PC (or so I think from reading the responses....they are not specific to a Mac.)

YMMV, of course.

Have you tried hitting the D90 forums? What about Formspring? There's bound to be someone there..

Rahul Siddharthan said...

The mac forum talks about "exporting" your video -- are you doing that or using your camera's native format (if that's possible)? Also, have you tried players other than Windows Media Player (eg, VLC)? That won't help if the problem is in the export settings, but if you want to play a "raw" video and can't on WMP, maybe VLC will work.

Space Bar said...

rahul: i think it could be a WMP problem. it plays fine in camera. but i've people on forums complain about sync even in FCP and such.