Wednesday, June 16, 2010

turning word into artefact

At first, we thought of a pottery workshop. Then a friend, who's been working with papier mache, suggested we make masks and get the kids to paint them. I wanted them to also mess around with the mache.

So that's what we did. One week before, we tore and soaked lots of newspaper. Every other day we tipped out the iron-coloured water. Ground, sieved, mixed with fevicol, and made masks. We decided on a couple of coats of primer, to give the kids a good canvas on which to work.

Here is both process and product:


Banno said...

nice. will post some pics of the papier mache dogs teja makes. he just uses toilet paper and fevicol straight over tubes, or balloons.

dipali said...

What fun! The masks look lovely, and the process looks like great , mucky fun:)

km said...

Those masks look really cool (one of them kinda reminded me of the back cover of a book by Alexandre Dumas called "One thousand and one ghosts")

BTW, you should show your son pictures of the Las Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain. (Those papier mache figures and what they do to them will blow any ten-year old's mind.)

Space Bar said...

banno: we've done the paper on balloon thing also, to make paper lanterns of one kind. but dogs?! please put photo!

dipali: oh yes it was! I secreted away an extra mask for myself. :-)

km: I will - thanks! which one looks like a Dumas illlustration?

Cheshire Cat said...

Or, How to do Things with Words.