Thursday, June 03, 2010

Ten (It's not about you, it's about me)

Yes, flood of posts, apologies. 

The kid turned ten yesterday*. 

Ten years since the last ultrasound, where - though no one was allowed to say a word - an unpractised tech and sharp eyes told me it was going to be a boy. Ten years since the most major surgery I've ever had. Ten years since I was scared out of my wits holding a tiny bawling, jaundiced creature with an unsteady head.

And all the events in between. I feel most feline.


*No birthday party. That will happen later, once school begins. It's going to be a papier mache party - the kids will mess around with pulped paper, making masks and things and painting them.


Rahul Siddharthan said...

Happy birthday to the kid!

kbpm said...

wow! congratulations to you and happy birthday to the not-so-much-a-kid-anymore!

Cheshire Cat said...

A papier mache party?! Is that the kid's idea or yours :)

Space Bar said...

rahul: will tell him. thanks!

kenny: i know - he's a young adult now! (will tell him).

cat: yes! my idea (he wanted a claywork thing, but i couldn't organise the people and materials). but he's very happy - we spent the day tearing up paper and soaking it. very therapeutic.

km said...

Awesome. Ten is a *fantastic* age.

Congratulations to you and to the little fella.

Falstaff said...

feline as in licking cream from whiskers or feline as in wanting to claw at something?

My commiserations to the kid. Shades of the prison house, etc.

Falstaff said...

P.S. For the record, I think practicing how to make masks is a singularly apt way of marking the prospect of coming adulthood.

Space Bar said...

km: thanks. I think so too.

falsie: feline as in, have finished a few lives already but have a couple left in the kitty.

also, good point about the masks. i think he needs to consider very carefully how he paints his.

the mad momma said...

good Lord. has it been that long?! and i remember helping him climb a tree in your garden with lolly... one of us keeping a lookout for you!!

happy happies to the big boy!

Aditi said...

Happy Birthday, kid!

Wow, I feel like I should congratulate you or something. Should I?

And did you get him the catapult?

dipali said...

Big milestone, moving to double digits! All the best to him, and congratulations to you on a decade of motherhood. The papier mache party sounds really cool

Space Bar said...

tmm: yes! you've been gone a loooong time (good luck with the move). and thanks!

aditi: i did! it was a tiny one, the only one they had left, which i found in a tiny shop that sold bartans (in bangalore, what's more!)

he loves it! (i gave it to him with The Borribles Go For Broke, which is kinda appropriate).

dipali: thanks! and yes, double digits 4evah.

will do updates on the papier mache. i suspect things will not turn out as planned.

??! said...

Methinks you should do the Embarassing Parent act, and put up some of those booger stories of him you keep promising us. That'll teach him to make us feel old.

Mask requests taken?

Hari Batti said...

congrats. when you are a parent, a decade seems so long and so short. imagine the next 10!