Friday, October 08, 2010

Moldy Moldy 70

Did you know there was a poem to ole Winston Ono who might have turned 70 today? I didn't. (It's a terrible one, actually).

        [Image from here.]

Instead, in celebration, in his own write:

The Moldy Moldy Man

I'm a moldy moldy man
I'm moldy thru and thru
I'm a moldy moldy man
You would not think it true.
I'm moldy till my eyeballs
I'm moldy till my toe
I will not dance I shyballs
I'm such a humble Joe.
                        -- John Lennon, In His Own Write.

Also check Google today.


km said...

I love the Moldy Moldy Man.

//will *most* likely attend the celebrations in NYC tomorrow.

Space Bar said...

km: i demand a long post!