Monday, October 25, 2010

Please go watch Daayen Ya Baayen!

My batch-mate (well, a year my junior) and friend, Bela Negi's debut feature film, Daayen Ya Baayen is releasing on the 29th in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata and a new other places (but not *sob* Hyderabad. Not yet, at least).

I haven't seen the film , but not for trying, I promise you. When I was in Bombay, there was only one impossible chance to see it and I couldn't make it.

But you can read all about it in the posts of all these other friends of mine: Batul, Paromita and Charu.

When friends make good, when they work their butts off to make their films or write their books, it gives me immense joy.

Congratulations, Bela, Shubho, Amlan, Vivek, Gissy and everyone else now who's helping to publicise this film I wish more than anything to watch when it releases.

Watch this space for where it's being screened and when. It's being distributed in a rather unorthodox fashion, I think, so details as I learn of them.

Oh, and here's a vid:

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