Monday, April 11, 2011

Jacket2, dog-earred

Jacket is back now as Jacket2, and much joy it brings.

Just look at this*! If I wasn't scared of fines, I'd totally dog-ear the pristine copy of Ooga-Booga I'm currently reading to see what it would make. Or worse (better) the ancient copy of Looking Glass War whose pages are brittle and yellow and will becomes triangles of half-formed words if I do decide to vandalise the page.




*All the joy comes from having the humble dog-ear raised to a level of art. Me - I'm unapologetic about admitting I used to eat the corners of pages when I was a kid. Not to mark them but because they...were there?

You heard me.


km said...

"Dear Diary, I chewed the ears off Robert Louis Stevenson today. They were delicious."

//me, I have a pathological dislike for dog-eared pages. So those links, they *hurt*, man.

Cheshire Cat said...

"Ink runs from the corners of my mouth. // There is no happiness like mine. // I have been eating poetry."

Mark Strand, "Eating Poetry"

Space Bar said...

km: shall I just link to a picture of a lizard instead? ;D

cat: oh, yes. lovely one, that (and there are dogs).