Friday, April 22, 2011

so much for the labyrinth

Flatness after the reading. (Yes, there was one last evening). Perhaps because I haven't read in years. Perhaps because everyone scattered in unseemly haste in order to begin their Easter weekend. Perhaps because discontent is the only useful spur for one's work.

So here I am, in the office, in an empty building, wrestling an idea onto the page.

For those who planned to come and couldn't make, there are ducks in compensation.


km said...

And not just any ducks. These are the Blurry ducks; the most dangerous kind known to Man.

//I don't quite understand how someone could read poetry to a room filled with strangers. Scary.

Cheshire Cat said...

"discontent is the only useful spur for one's work"

Also envy, outrage, ennui, anguish, madness...

Those ducks do look succulent.

Space Bar said...

km: luckily for me, I knew five or six of those present - they were faculty. But it was scary anyway.

Cat: While those may be spurs, I don't know how useful they are. So maybe they're goads?