Friday, April 08, 2011

Where I am

Yes, ok. This is an unconscionably long time away from the blog and for the few of you who still check in to see if there's something new, I'm very sorry about the long silence.

The reason? I've been in Scotland, at the University of Stirling, since the beginning of this week and will be here for three months on a Charles Wallace Fellowship.

Writing plans aside, let me tell you why this compelled my silence: everyone knows by now that I'm a bit of a joke when it comes to travel. So there was plenty to do and agonise over in the last month before I left. But the real reason is, I guess I'm just superstitious about not talking about things too soon.

That only partly explains the changed nature of the writing on this blog. The other is, I've just become rusty at it. One indication to myself about just how rusty I've become: I've reconsidered nearly every word I've typed since I began this post ten minutes ago; nearly discarded it, returned and slogged on.

So yes, I will strive for some regularity, seeing as I'm not on Facebook, not (yet) on Twitter and have no intention of completely losing touch with any of you. But the other writing - the reason I'm here - is primary. If I talk inanities instead of sense, consider the blog my warm-up page and kindly excuse.

At least I'm back, yeah?


km said...

Congratulations on the fellowship. Looks like you picked a great time of the year to be in Scotland!

So what are you going to be writing as a part of your fellowship? Poetry? A novel?

tabula rasa said...


hope you take full advantage of your proximity to the wellsprings of scotland's eponymous produce.

Space Bar said...

km: Thank you. And you realise (see post) I won't talk about what I'm writing, don' you? :D

tr! you're still around! you know, there's surprisingly little water of life around the place. i need to do a distillery tour or something.

km said...

And you realise (see post) I won't talk about what I'm writing, don' you? :D

Ah, so teenage vampire romance novel then.


Szerelem said...

Whoa!!! You is here??!!! You better be coming to Oxford to visit me please.

Cheshire Cat said...

"not (yet) on Twitter"


Banno said...

Oh good for you, D. Come back soon, keep writing, keep blogging. Have lots of fun.

Space Bar said...

km: I would love to write a teenage vampire romance, actually. and a shudder is precisely the rection any sensible writer of TVR will look for, no?

Szer: Mailed you.

Cat: Indeed. Should I have tagged the post under 'threats'?

Banno: thank you!

Tabula Rasa said...

yeah, i'm here. sort of.

my recollection of scotland includes a booze dump every other block, with 9-year old hooch being sold in unlabeled pauwa bottles.

Anindita Sengupta said...

Hope it's going well, Dala! Scotland is so beautiful...I'm jealous and want to go there again. :)

dipali said...

Oh wow! Congrats, have a blast, and enjoy what you've set out to do. All the best.