Friday, May 13, 2011

from 'Meridian'

From Paul Celan's 1960 Büchner Prize speech, more famously known as 'Meridian':

 And from Jacket 40, excerpts from the recent book The Meridian: Final version - Drafts - Materials. [pdf].

The first extract shows portions of the bit I've reproduced here, in the process of being shaped; and fascinating it is too, to see the final form - the language becoming shape - emerge.

There was a whole post I had in my head about this but with blogger down, and being unable to post for the last several hours, it's gone. Yes, I should have written it out anyway but I didn't.

I think it began with marvelling at how little I've moved away from initial positions in essentials. Or perhaps it had to do with recognition, or finding truth in that which only confirms (rather than challenges) one's own views.

I hope it wasn't the last though I suspect there may be an element of that.

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