Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This demi-hemi-semi paradise

Of the one month and one week I've spent in the UK, this little sliver of a weekend I spent in London packed in more than all the rest of my time here. I realised, also, that I probably spoke much more in two days than I have in one month.

Included: All's Well That Ends Well at the Globe (we were groundlings!). China Miéville's Embassytown launch. The Tate Modern. Other book shopping. Friends. Baby talk. And suchlike, etc.

I consider the week seized.


Fëanor said...

Ah, good to see you too! Uneventful journey back to Scotland?

Space Bar said...

Feanor: as you'd expect! :D (And ditto.)

km said...

Uneventful journey back to Scotland?

Just slightly off-kilter?

Cheshire Cat said...

"Other book shopping."

Three words can hide so much. You did the Miro justice, I hope?

Space Bar said...

km: I was wondering why no one had ventured any kilt jokes yet. It took you one month?

cat: It's your fault I bought any. You didn't think I was going to provide a list as well?

Miro, alas, has had to be postponed.

km said...

It took you one month?

I'm not skirting the question when I say my wit's been severely impaired this past month.

dipali said...

km just kilts me:)
London sounds like a lot of fun!