Friday, February 10, 2012

Advance notice: War Horse

Yes, okay, so I'm going to watch War Horse on Sunday. The kid is the excuse, but I promise to retain an open mind - by which I mean, I anticipate that I will dislike the film immensely (despite its few compensations) and will duly report my experiences.

I realise, with horror, that I haven't written about any films since May or June last year*. Not even just to be nasty.

So in anticipation, and as preliminary preparation, I thought I'd remind you guys what it used to be like here when I talked cinema: Slumdog, Dasvidaniya, about the Asian Awards and so on.

Thank god for people like Banno, I tell you. (Here, for instance, just for your reading pleasure, is Banno on Ghajini. )

I'm in danger of forgetting I ever used to have anything to do with cinema.

So, I promise to bring despatches back from the front. Stay tuned.


*Announcements, naturally, don't count.


Banno said...

Space Bar, I seem to have not written about films in a while too, not even seen so many for a while. :(

Let's hear from you about 'The War Horse'.

km said...

War Horse? Nay! (Sorry, but I cannot possibly let a pun go waste.)

(Why does the thought of watching a Spielberg film fill me with fear?)