Sunday, February 26, 2012

Moon, Venus and Jupiter

The night sky's been pretty spectacular this weekend: on Friday, the moon, Venus and Jupiter in a long, straight row, but the moon set very early. It wasn't around long enough to photograph well, but we tried anyway..

Last evening, we sat up on the terrace with tripod all set up and torch handy, camera pointed up at the sky. The moon and Venus were there early. It took Jupiter another 15 minutes or so. I have to say we didn't catch sight of Mercury but maybe we just didn't recognise it.

So here are the (rather patchy) results of our stargazing.

Saturday, 25.2.2012. Moon, Venus and Jupiter, slightly over-exposed.

Saturday, 25.2.2012. M, V &J against the Madhapur lights.

Friday, 24.2.2012. The Moon, somewhere at the bottom, has almost set.


ajay noronha said...

o wasn't this just so exhilarating?! i was in loni (outside pune) and i got the kids i was doing a workshop with excited :) loved the second pic. mars was much further up, almost overhead.

Space Bar said...

ajay: it was, no?

last night, driving back from the artist, faintly depressed, seeing the moon flanked by Venus and Jupiter in the clear, dark blue sky made everything okay again. It was utterly gorgeous.