Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Speak, Celebrity

Yes, more than one post - what's happening to me?

Had to - had to -  link to Speak, Celebrity. I landed there when someone linked to Samuel Jackson reading Neruda, and lovely it is too, but it wasn't long before I had three poems on loop from another celebrity whose Voice is...just... *swoons*

*and cannot answer eager, curious questions.*


km said...

*and cannot answer eager, curious questions.*

Gilbert Gottfried. I *know* it's Gilbert Gottfried.

Space Bar said...

km: not even.

veena said...

ah the case of the swooning maiden!

in totally unrelated news, did i tell you i got tickets to the new frankenstein at the national theatre?

Space Bar said...

veena: in totally unrelated news

I hate you. For more than one reason. You are filming it in secret, I hope?

Aishwarya said...

I cannot imagine which lovely-voiced celebrity you mean.

Space Bar said...

aisha: mmhmm. :D