Saturday, June 29, 2013

Review: Anand Thakore's books of poetry

A couple of months ago I'd review Anand Thakore's books of poems, Elephant Bathing and Mughal Sequence, in Biblio. Since it wasn't available to read online, I didn't post the review here. But since then, Nandini has found it online somewhere, and I thought I'd link to it, even if not post the whole thing here.

Re-reading it, I realise that much of what I've said is a result of organising my own manuscript; perhaps I'd read the books differently if I hadn't been reading them in light of my own anxieties.

There are a lot of related questions and thoughts but this is not the time to air them. Perhaps I need to write a whole, separate essay with those ideas.

For now, here's the link to my piece on Anand Thakore's books. (pdf alert!).

ETA: I have just realised that Blogger is not allowing me to put html for italics in the post title field. Wtf, Google?

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