Friday, June 21, 2013

One thing and its opposite

You lot have been very useful - where are the film recs, guys?!

Anyway. If you won't, you won't. Here's another game we can play.

A word that means one thing and it's opposite. Like 'cleave'. And - though this word annoys me - 'oversight'.

Send words, friend. These are last ones in my kitty.


Talking about wastelands, you have *got* to read this line-by-line gloss on the text. However, I must register my dismay at not having the 'Thank you' in the first section glossed. It had possibilities! (No?)

I think I may have to park* live on this site for a bit.


1. Classical Arabic Poetry by Women

2. Monica Mody's 'The Rehabilitation of India Act of India'


*Something about someone wanting the vacant spot in the parking lot of something puts me off the word. Sorry I'm being cryptic.


km said...

I thought I knew at least 10 such words but couldn't remember even one. So I went down the usual google rabbit-hole and found several lists. Look for auto-antonyms or contranyms. (Turns out there aren't that many of them)

The Hindi word "kal" is my favorite. Such incredible temporal ambiguity!

Fëanor said...

Piravi? Film recommendation, that is.

Space Bar said...

km: Kal is fantastic! Which leads me to Hyderabad's own spin on the word 'parsoon'. So flexible!

feanor: Piravi! I want more Tamil film recs! (There's truly so much I haven't seen.)

Fëanor said...

Heh, I got misled by the non-bollywood/tamil/telugu commercial films. I thought that meant every other kind of film! Not having watched any Tamil films for over 20 years, I can hardly advise now.