Saturday, October 20, 2007

In Reverse

I'm going to feel like Merlin in T.H.White's The Sword In The Stone, but my entire trip's going to be recounted in reverse. And so to begin at the end, I've just returned.

Yeah. That's it for the moment. I have no idea why I still have this terrible cough at the end of one month, almost, but I do and I hate it and it's got to the point when my cesearean scar hurts every time I cough and yes, it's too much information, but if I have to suffer I don't see why you can't have a little more info than you might want to have.

So, more later tonight or tomorrow, about Bangalore.

PS: Replies to comments also later tonight, yes?


Crp said...

SpaceBar: Nice reading at Bangalore! One memorable moment for me was when you ummm... requested the store managers to turn the muzak down. Wassamata ? You don't like nice, relaxing, yoga-video soundtracks while you're giving a reading ?? :)

Space Bar said...

crp: :D technically, though, I just asked if anybody else felt the music was too loud, and they took care of the rest. and, was it 'nice relaxing' thingy?

And did you come say hi?

Crp said...
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Crp said...

Sorry, I was running late for an office event, so just dropped in for about 15-20 minutes during the second half...

Re nice, relaxing: actually I didn't quite register it myself. Looking back, I think it may well have been "I'm a Barbie world" (gurgling baby remix).