Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Packing It All In

Things I absolutely, absolutely, absolutely have to take:

Some copies of the book, for Rishi Valley.

My pharmacy. Especially Odomos. (And oh my god, looking at that old post reminded me about the torch. Shit on toast with jelly beans on top); toiletries; contingency thingies (this appears to be the bulk of my packing. Girl Guides need to learn a thing or two from me).

Gifts for sundry people.

A jhola for the bus, so my handbag* needs to go in my suitcase.

This time, my camera.

Things I can jettison:

All the rain things mentioned in the last packing post.

Maybe my extra sandals.

Things that make me deflower my fingers:

How many books do I take? Will I even have time to read? Where will I keep them?

Can I ditch the camera battery? What if it dies on me? Should I take my SLR instead? But that will occupy way more space.

Shouldn't I keep, like, 20% space free for things I might acquire in these ten days? (Big Note To Myself: Do not visit either Blossom or Bookworm in Bangalore, and most especially not Select.)

Should I take one empty bag along, in case one suitcase breaks, or bursts at the seams?

Do I really need to travel? Can't I just stay at home and read travel blogs instead?

*A new one, a lovely steely shiny green-grey. BM you listening?


??! said...

Shit on toast with jelly beans

Space Bar said...

??!: you heard me. :-)

??! said...

okkkkk. like I knew RV'ites were a little...howdusay...left-of-centre, but this is too weird.

Space Bar said...

In my defence - and in defence of all RVites - I have to say that that particular gem I picked up from a girl who was from La Martiniere Cal.

So there.

km said...

OK, when you have some time, I want to read that ONE POST from you. And you know what I'm talkin' about, sister.

*spoken in my film noir voice*

Space Bar said...

km: I even started the post. And then it needed too much shaping and I had too little time. I'm sure being in RV will make it worth reading. :D

blackmamba said...

Odomos is part of your pharmacy?! I am not even going to ask what shit on toast is...

steely shiny green-grey is nothing for someone who can pull off bright pink and owls in wool.

Sharanya Manivannan said...

How does one deflower her/his fingers?

Space Bar said...

BM: Odomos needs to be, if you're visiting RV. you won't believe the mosquitoes there!

Sharanya: you peel them off like you'd peel off petals - if you'd ever been a vicious kind of kid.

blackmamba said...

odomos! my bad. I confused it with odonil. ok, odomos makes sense.