Tuesday, October 30, 2007

on defenstrating a person you've never met

Facebook Lesson # 2:

Add as many friends as quickly as you can. In a very few days, you will cross some magical line and you will once again be effectively alone. (When you have more than, I think, six friends you can't even see them on your page unless you go looking for them. And who does that on Facebook, right? They just go on adding new ones.)

Facebook Lesson # 3:

This comes as a revelation to me. The only thing worth doing on Facebook is throwing sheep, defenstrating and biting people so they turn into vampires/werewolves/zombies.

Seriously. It gives my life a sense of purpose.

Lesson 1 here. How wrong I was. How soon I learn.


Cheshire Cat said...


Now that's not letting a person down gently.

Space Bar said...

cat: do yu want to let a person down gently?