Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Breaking News!*

Man Writes Poem.

*If you can describe a poem that's at least two years old as 'Breaking News'.


SUR NOTES said...

to read this, on this very afternoon - just what i needed.

hope this means that you are back!

Cheshire Cat said...

Wonder if "Jay Leeming" is a pseudonym of one (or all) of the Pythons...

"Roaring deep with the red walrus of History" is a great line. '60's nostalgia and all that.

Anonymous said...

I am more and more confused these days
Not that I wasn't confused before, just
that I am a little more lost and bewildered
I ask myself, and I ask passersby
the same question every time
No one responds, perhaps no one knows
What exactly is a poem these days?

Rahul Siddharthan said...

It's line-breaking news.

Falstaff said...

Awww..and I so wanted to know what the one thing about poems these days was.

Space Bar said...

sur: well, you sound fine now, so it's all good!

cat: come to think of it, it sounds most pseudonymous.

lekhni: first of all, apologies about misspelling your name in the previous post; i know it annoys you! but i'm hopelessly prone to typos.

and you should head over to Harriet for answers, if there are any.

rahul: nice one!

falstaff: i know, right?

Anonymous said...

Drat! I hadn't noticed! (That you'd misspelt my name). Is it too late to get annoyed? ;)