Friday, April 11, 2008


My computer has had a major crash so I won't be online for a few days - only off and on and only for urgent stuff. As is usual with this blog, rumours of my prolonged disappearance have been wildly exaggerated. Turns out there was a problem, but a problem easily fixed.

Sorry! Will be back asap. Will respond to comments on the poetry post soon!


km said...

I hope there are some survivors?

Oh wait, one more: i hope you didn't drop it on your foot.

equivocal said...

Thank goodness.

?! said...

Crashed your comp ?
Comp crashed you ?
Crashed.. you, comp ?

(No, trying out the shake the kaleidoscope thingie. Hope it made for abstract poetry)

Anonymous said...

what! a catastrophe and no deluge of posts after that? tsk tsk.


hope you are able to recover all your data.

Space Bar said...

km: only reluctant ones. with happy feet.

equivocal: i know, right?

?!: (you're going to give ??! a heart attack one of these days)

bm: i'm losing my touch, hanh? give me time, yo.

no data loss. just (temporary) data lock up. motherboard problem.

Banno said...

Good, good! Not that it crashed, of course.

dipali said...

Much joy on the speedy recovery!

Space Bar said...

banno, dipali: bite your tongues!

??! said...

you said it. I keep going, "Hey, hoooold on...oh. Heh", everytime I read one of DM's comments.