Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Discovering Captain Underpants

[Since I'm dedicating practically every post to someone I may as well continue until something else happens. This one is for KM.]

No, don't get the earbuds; I said Captain Underpants. And Super Diaper Baby.

A few years ago, I found out about this wonderful new superhero from a friend whose nephews were crazy about him. Then one day, I saw the first three books in the series in a bookstore and quickly bought them. Another time, the whole series was available in a secondhand place where I'd bought some fantastic kiddie books (that's another post) but I didn't have money and the next time I saw they were all gone.

Briefly (ha ha), this is the story: George and Harold are two regular kids who hate school and whose school Principal hates them. The love to draw comic books and their hero is Captain Underpants (the school Principal, Mr. Krupp in his superhero avatar) who always saves the day clad only in his super-soft, unstarched underpants. The starch is important: it is the only thing that destroys his super powers.

My son loves these books. He giggles and chortles and both of us have read every book until Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy Part 1. These books have taught him the words 'bionic' and 'wedgie'. Very useful words to know.

(This horrifies my grandmother.)

There's a website.



Banno said...

Have to look out for these. Seems like a cool bday present for some kid. And for me.

SUR NOTES said...

"wonder what she will post FOR ME"
pouts and waits her turn in the corner.

am in a needy mood, forgive.

blewgenes said...

I cannot resist adding this gem to the mix - wedgie-proof underwear by 8-year old twins - video and article

km said...

So one day I am looking for Don Marquis in the library and the next day it's Captain Underpants?

But thanks for the recommendation (and the dedication). I just have to read these now :)

Space Bar said...

banno: yes. keep me in mind when you're buying birthday gifts, right?

sur: ok, ok, will do photo post for you.

blewgenes: thanks! :D they were very sweet, those kids.

km: please tell me what your librarian said. i really want to know.