Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Neighbours (Reprise)

Remember this post where I grumbled about the mountain? I just thought it was impossible to understand until y'all saw it with your own eyes.

So. That's the set right there, in the corner of the first image, all broken-down and ramshackle. That's where the parties happen.

The hill is man-made, over the last year or so. You see the one with four or five trucks in the frame? Imagine a whole day of that.

It's all rubbish. Really.


Banno said...

Well, I had missed your earlier post. Must have been my 'ill' days. Did you really go to your wedding in rubber chappals?

Still, you don't deserve to be haunted, for that. The dust must be awful too, now with those dumping trucks. Poor you!

km said...

The only appropriate response to this is OMFG.

Rahul Siddharthan said...

Fascinating. I suppose bribes flow liberally to corporation officials.

We have neighbours who just uprooted a very nice, dense and entirely opaque bamboo hedge and replaced it with a solid fly-ash brick wall. We must stop complaining about that sort of thing.

Space Bar said...

banno: Yes, I did; when I ought to have been barefoot, actually! And yes, the dust is terrible. Asthma attacks are always very close.

km: I know, right? But you know what's even more WTF? Rumour has it that the guy intends to build a house on top of that pile of rubble. Talk about dunghills!

Rahul: You bet. Every day the cops swing by this way and go away looking very happy.

dipali said...

Gosh! Truly mind boggling. Sympathies.