Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The end of the One Straw Revolution

"I believe that a revolution can begin from this one strand of straw. Seen at a glance, this rice straw may appear light and insignificant. Hardly anyone would believe that it could start a revolution. But I have come to realize the weight and power of this straw. For me, this revolution is very real."

From 'Look At This Grain', The One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka.[pdf]

RIP Masanobu Fukuoka (he died on the 16th of August).



km said...

Till I read the wiki entry on the man, I had no idea about "rishi kheti" and even less about the benefits of letting ducks wander around the farm :)

I am sure the local library has books about him and his methods.

??! said...

This is fascinating, and begs the question why it hasn't spread more. Especially to places like India, where rivers and dams and their position cause so much heartbreak.

dipali said...

He was amazing! Dr.A had actually met him. RIP, Fukuoka San.

Space Bar said...

km: the whole book in the pdf link. i'm fairly certain you'll love it.

??!: well, the book was reprinted here by the Other India Press (Mapusa, Goa) a fair number of years ago, but it's very difficult to get. I found it in Dilli Haat, of all places. What that means is, a handful of people know about Fukuoka -san.

Dipali: Come on! You have to say more than that! Tell all.

ram said...

Mathrubhumi magazine had an article about him last week and was thinking of getting his book after reading it. Thanks for the pdf link.