Monday, February 16, 2009

not the Dev D review

Why was I so foolishly certain that we would get tickets for the 1.30pm show of Dev D? Why did I assume that people would be at work, that I didn't need to book tickets in advance? We watched the last four tickets being bought by the person in front of us. Later, I went in to find out if the net booking people had no-showed but they had and we booked tickets for tomorrow instead.

But the screw up is, tomorrow is an unexpected holiday for my son and a 1.30pm show (for which we have tickets) clashes with his holiday as horribly as ice cream does with dosai molagapodi.

And you know why he has a holiday? Because 50 kids from his school (class 8 and up) are going for a Right to Walk event from their school to the Goethe Institut. What is this in aid of? Reclaimng the road, basically. Anyone who walks from where the flyover descends back past the British Council down the GHMC road and AdarshNagar to the GZ knows that there is no footpath and some very chaotic traffic. There are other issues than pedestrian safety involved; there are issues of gender - that the kids are going to be made aware of.

All of which means the younger kids get the day off.

So Dev D tomorrow and some hand-wringing about where to put the kid.


In the meanwhile, the one good thing that happened today is I finally got my copy of the South Asian Review (28: 3), which has three of my poems. No link, I'm afraid. I'd almost forgotten which ones.


Ranjit mails to point out that 'The Randomiser's Survival Guide' (the poem, not the book), which I didn't find links to in October, is now up on the Green Integer blog along with a few other poems. Go read.


Also, the things I haven't linked to are legion but it's too late now: the KGAF and the Caferati Contests; the Almost Island Conference, now in it's third year (the good news is that there'll probably be a juicy issue online soon); and oh - god knows what else. Lot's of interesting stuff.

Anyone here a member of this 70mm thingy? They promise to deliver films to your doorstep, claim to have some amazing catalogue but when I asked if they had some film the girl said she'd call me back and never did. Is this what I can expect for 299 bucks a month? Or does someone have a heart-warming tale to share?


Extempore said...
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Extempore said...

I'm a member and while they had some hiccoughs initially (that was over a year ago now), I'm quite happy with their service. Foreign films are sometimes difficult to get though.

Falstaff said...

Randomiser's Survival Guide is cute, though I can't help wishing it were a little more, well, randomised.