Friday, February 20, 2009

Not A Muse Anthology

Poems in the forthcoming Not A Muse Anthology, though you'd have to click on the link to see my name on the full list of contributors.

I've developed a bad habit of not remembering, offhand, what poems I've sent where. That's mostly because I haven't been writing very much poetry and everything I've written has already been sent somewhere and they're all coming home to roost or have sunk into decent obscurity.

The anthology also has poems by Mani Rao, Anindita Sengupta and Nitoo Das.


km said...


How about a simple spreadsheet (ahem - poets and spreadsheets, I and carriage) with name of the poem, date of submission and the name of the publication?

Banno said...

Congrats. And this book is going to be available when?

Space Bar said...

km: ya ya, i have a list of what's gone where and when (even i am not that disorganised). it
s just that i couldn't remember what i'd sent until i consulted that list.

banno: won't be available in regular bookshops. :-( can be ordered from the haven books website though.