Monday, February 02, 2009

word of the day


Meaning both 'shady' and 'full of indignation'. A, how shall I say it, courageously diverse word. The bonus is, it sounds totally made up, like something a precocious kid might come up with to use up the scrabble tiles any which way.

Related word (which I did make up in a story I wrote for my son long ago):

Debricious: Full of debris and looking good with it.


Banno said...

'Debricious' does sound 'delicious'.

Space Bar said...

Banno: It is, isn't it? I love that word. I should use it again somewhere.

Falstaff said...

Hmmm...personally I thought Debricious was more like Debutante plus capricious - like someone who was really, really happy to be coming out.

Anonymous said...

yes,good word,describes how my house is, perfectly!