Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Prediction for Spaniard

I'm not ashamed to say it: the second thing I do with the newspaper every morning - after scanning the headlines - is to turn to the horoscope page. On days when the trainee journalist who's predicting my day has nice things to say, I believe everything the stars tell me. On days when it is clear that those who were responsible for setting the page can't tell a fire sign from a water sign, I read them all to see which horoscope is really mine.

I read my Tarot predictions on Facebook and never ask why they only have cards from the major arcana (or whatever); when I want something really badly, I see signs everywhere; I wish on mail vans; I leave nothing to chance and everything to interpretation.

This morning, via (of all places) Harriet, I find this thing called Oblique Strategies. So far I've got 'What would your best friend do?" (I don't know. How do I find out who is my best friend anyway?), 'Cascades" (very enlightening), "Just carry on" (thanks very much. Just when I was planning to wallow and/or live in the past) and "Give the name away" (interesting it should say that. Who was it who just pointed out to me that we need more than one name in our lifetimes? [no, don't tell me. I know who]. At any rate, since I can't give the game away, I'm ready enough to give the name away: now who's volunteering? Who's had enough of their name - ??!, you stepping up to the plate?) and - wait for this (because it took me three hits on the random button) "Do the washing up". Thanks a bunch.

It's only 7.33 am. I could do this for the next several hours.

I'll make one prediction that OS, the horoscope and the Tarot are not going to make for me that is going to be completely accurate: if I don't get off the net and back to work, I'm not going to meet my deadline.

This foretelling the future is so easy.


dipali said...

Ha! Loved the last line:)

Smoke Screen said...

Wisdom comes from various sources. I mean, you had to read all of that to realize you had the talent for predictions? (Then again, that clincher at the end wouldn't have made an interesting post by itself, no?!)

Anyway, hope you meet your deadline.

Banno said...

:-) If only we could spend all our time on the net. And not have any deadlines. But meet it, meet it.

??! said...

See, I might have, but since I'm being asked by a future-telling site, there's no chance of that happening.

Also, 'Cascades'? Lots of bathroom trips.

km said...

FYI, "Oblique Strategies" was conceived and written by the great Brian Eno. (And it was developed as a problem-solving technique...)

Space Bar said...

dipali: thanks. :D

smoke screen: no, no. i had to read all of that to know what my day was going to be like; my talent for accurate prediction is only occasional. (and i didn't. sigh)

banno: if we did, we'd miss every sunrise we might have wanted to see, no? :D

??!: see km's comment. you calling the future a matter of problem solving now? (hmm. you may have a point).

km: yes, yes, i know. didn't they used to be a pack of cards once? i think my dad had a bunch of them somewhere.

Anindita said...

lol...i'm a prediction junkie too. i loved 'do the washing up'. Did you meet your deadline?

amruta patil said...

such signs rely too much on personal ability to decode...assuming there was a code to begin with. patterns are a better place to begin looking in :)