Thursday, March 26, 2009

And now...Twittered poetry

By Ben Okri.

One line a day. (right now, line 2 is up).

Previously on Twitter, Shakespeare*, who probably doesn't know his prince is on Facebook.

And talking about Hamlet...**


*via Linkastic from some time ago
**via Feanor


km said...

I can see how the "form" of 140 characters can suit certain styles of poetry, but I still think it's a gimmicky idea.

You know what would work on Twitter? Doctor's prescriptions.

Fëanor said...

KM: Not really, because you aren't supposed to be able to read a doctor's prescription, no?

Anil said...

Somehow of all the networking sites that I know of I dislike twitter the seems like the ultimate dumbing down tool that will cut short already minuscule attention spans and increase the hunger for instant information fixes.

But hey what do I know? This might actually help poetry reach a wider audience.

km said...

Feanor: You are right. I would prefer if my MD prescribed on MySpace. Most pages there are unreadable.

Anil: This might actually help poetry reach a wider audience.

That's the same school of thought which gave us gems like "Reader's Digest Condensed Classics" :D

blackmamba said...

next you are going to look down upon me for having discovered McSweeney's only 2 days ago. that is when I got a copy of no.18 of their collected stories on a books, music (and cat) giveaway party.

but, I just </3 twitter.

heh @ Hamlet on FB.

did you see the Rushdie fb parody on UB?

Space Bar said...

km/feanor: not sure why i posted the damn thing. it's all too frightful. the okri, i mean.

i'd rather try to decipher a doc's prescription. bet i'd be pretty damned good at it too.

anil: what km said. and hi! you done with that film?

bm: mcsweeneys is giving away cat? does he know? and yes, saw that rushdie-fb thing. :D

blackmamba said...

oops, I typo-ed.

I meant, I grabbed a copy of mcsweeney's at a party a friend was throwing. the party was a to give away books, music and his cat. The cat, obviously, only for a month before the cat-owner found a new home on the other coast.

Anil said...

Hello! Unfortunately not yet. First, our producer was busy and now when he has time apparently due to the elections mania and a spurt in naxalite activity it is not a good time to visit the area where we were planning to do the shoot. Maybe once the elections are over it can be restarted.

Cheshire Cat said...

I feel "twitter" has too many syllables for our fast-paced long. "tw" might work better...

equivocal said...

Isn't the Okri poem atrocious? Not the best advertisement for this supposedly new form...

Space Bar said...

cat: not 'twit'?

equivocal: i stopped reading after the first two lines. who needed to read more to know it was going to get worse?