Tuesday, March 24, 2009

oh, just a few things

There's nothing more creepy than a man who thinks he has found a vulnerable woman.


Somewhere, unknown to us, the airs have switched places and today belongs to another country.


A palasha flower looks exactly like a ladle with a fragile handle. It could persuade a recalcitrant god to bathe.


Morning: the temple prayers and the azaan caught in the wind like small birds.


El Cid* has a half-brother as of this morning. All momentous events seem to take place when he is at school.


*Ludwig's brilliant idea.


amruta patil said...

2) is beautiful

km said...

You are supposed to see heaven in a wild flower, not a bar of Lifebuoy soap.

dipali said...

Very nice. I especially love numbers three and four.