Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mandarin classes and aeroplanes

Spaniard is waiting in queue to speak. She has several useful and interesting things to share. But first:

Chotu and Motu learn to say some basic things in Mandarin. I can just see how useful this will be while they search for a place to stay in Beijing. But hey - this is for me and not the bellboy in Beijing so I'm happy.

And beating Ludwig to it (who might have a different version) here is my personal escape route for everything.

Here's how it happened. Last Sunday evening, the kid wanted to give me this. I politely declined. Save it for next Sunday, I said.

The next morning, just before leaving for school he came down humming the happiest tune. It was all too Pooh-bearish but it turns out he was one of the three kings, though not the one whose gift said Frank Sent This (thank, Amruta.)

Okay, I'm just a little bit tipsy. But here's Glide Airlines:


km said...

one of the three kings, though not the one whose gift said Frank Sent This

So...he was George Clooney?

dipali said...

What a lovely present!
And great links too:)

Anonymous said...

'Frank Sent This'! Now I have to watch that talk again.

And Glide is super name for an airline!

kuffir said...

well, sheng ri kuai le ;) ni de erzi hen hao le. your child seems sweet.

Space Bar said...

km: eesh, no. he's not a huckster; just a mage.

dipali: i know! and thanks.

varali: which talk? and it is, isn't it?

kufr: :D see, i forgot you knew mandarin! and thank you.

Anonymous said...

This one.