Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not today

The occasional visitor here is unbelieving when I say things are unusually quiet today. Where are those famous trucks? And those wild parties next door where women pretend to be Basantis and the men twirl their mustaches? What of those choppers slicing the air and the politicians whose convoys honk at and scatter the stray dogs in their path?

They're all there. Just not on a day when these creatures were around. Just not today.

Ludwig, help out with exact taxonomies. I have a vague idea they're bee-eaters or sun birds or something.


km said...

Spring is a beautiful thing.

//and I feel like listening to Miles Davis' "Springsville".

Space Bar said...

km: de spring is sprung, the grass is riz.

km said...

But NO whitewash in anyone's eye.

dipali said...

The shiny purple one is a sunbird.
The pictures are awesome. Thanks.

Space Bar said...

dipali: thanks. :D long time no see.

Anonymous said...

They are both species of sunbirds.
The first and second are male purple-rumped sunbirds.
The third pic has a male purple sunbird and a female of the same species.

Space Bar said...

Varali: thanks! i kind of knew about the yellow-brown one but wasn't sure about the other.